Sauvignon Blanc (2013) - An Argentine Vegan Wine by Bodegas Santa Ana

Sauvignon Blanc by Bodegas Santa Ana

One thing I have learned about tasting wines is not to judge one by the bottle or in this case, the screw cap.  I understand corks carry an elegance that almost fools the mind into thinking the liquid is already going to taste like a better wine. At least with a screw cap I don’t have to worry about cork taint.  In psychology, we refer to this as psychological conditioning.  Well, I have been conditioned to prefer corks; however, I knew I couldn’t judge this Argentine Sauvignon Blanc from Bodegas Santa Ana by the screw cap.  I guess I will have to start collecting screw caps and put aside my cork collection.

And of course I did not travel to Argentina to acquire this wine, but rather purchased this bottle at a nearby Total Wine, which carries wines from Bodegas Santa Ana and Mascota Vineyards.  A fellow vegan at Bodegas Santa Ana informed me their wines are clarified with bentonite, which makes this Sauvignon Blanc a vegan wine, a veggie wine or vegetarian wine, depending on your term of preference.  I was also informed that most Argentine wines use bentonite, since non-vegan agents such as isinglass and egg whites are more expensive.  If you want more information about vegan and non-vegan agents used in the wine industry, see article: Not all Wines are Vegan Friendly

Glass of Sauvignon Blanc

I went ahead and tasted the Sauvignon Blanc, the following are my notes:  In regards to color depth, this is a watery, but yellow wine as you can see in the picture.  I should also say that the wine was clear, maybe very clear compared to other wines.  The wine did not run away, but maybe because I didn’t notice any legs that caught my attention.  In regards to aromas, this wine was moderate and had some age with aromas of honeydew, grass, apricot, toast, and honeysuckle.

The Sauvignon Blanc is medium sweet, with a medium body and crisp acidity.  Regarding the balance between sugar and alcohol, I must say the wine was unbalanced since there was discrepancy between the amount of alcohol and sugar; however, it did not take away from the experience.  Some of the flavors I noticed had hints of herbs, grass, grapefruit, and some flowers and was almost buttery.  Quite a delicious wine, especially as a summer wine!

I highly recommend this Argentine vegan wine from the acclaimed area of Mendoza, Argentine wine country.  In the near future I will be visiting wineries in Mendoza, Argentina, and of course looking for cruelty-free wines.  Most likely, I plan to enjoy this wine again during the summer, or any other time I’m in the mood for wine. And don’t forget, this wine is available at your local Total Wine.

Until the next time, sip some more vino!


Bodegas Santa Ana

Mendoza, Argentina

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