Loving Hut - Cincinnati

I recently drove by Cincinnati and decided to do a simple search looking for vegan eateries in or around Cincinnati, Ohio.  To my surprise, one of my search options was a Loving Hut, one of the worldwide chains of vegan restaurants.  As you can imagine, I decided to drive to this location and try the menu.  I always like supporting vegan businesses, especially ones that carry delicious vegan food.  While there is no table service and the customer must order at the counter…this experience was by no means a negative one, and the food was simply delicious and worth the visit!

After perusing the menu, we ordered the grilled Spring Rolls, grilled dumplings, the Vegan Macaroni & Cheez, Vegan Sloppy Joe, the Japanese-style Udon noodles and the gluten-free house salad.  Subsequently, I personally indulged myself with the vegan chocolate cake and vegan cookies as I love vegan deserts.

The grilled spring rolls had a smoky taste and the grilled part just added an extra punch of taste to them!   The grilled dumplings were equally delicious.  The vegan Sloppy Joe came with a side of coleslaw and organic corn chips, but did lack some taste.  While I only took a bite, the Udon noodles were quite delicious and highly recommend them.  One thing I loved about their salads is that they also came with a wide assortment of vegan dressings for those who want an extra something for their taste buds!

Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe

Japanese-style Udon noodles

Japanese-style Udon noodles

By far, my favorite item was the Vegan Macaroni & Cheez, which was simply delicious! We almost worried it was the real thing, but then we came back to our senses and realized we were at a Loving Hut and thus vegan food. 

The vegan chocolate cake was delicious, and I made sure not to share it with anyone.  I cannot say the same for the cookies as they were lacking some flavor. 

Overall, if I’m ever near Cincinnati, I will not hesitate to visit this Loving Hut again, and I expect you to do the same. 


Loving Hut

6227 Montgomery Rd.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45213

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